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VM Training Courses

Become a Certified Virtual Expert in 5 Days!

In partnership with VMTraining, New Era is bringing the latest virtualization machine training to Calgary. As storage space decreases and information capacity increases, virtualization machine training certifications are becoming an in demand skill. With our 5-day Ultimate Bootcamp you can prepare for your journey to certification in less time!

What is VMTraining?

VMTraining maximizes your resources for the most comprehensive, end-to-end virtualization training solutions. With new technologies emerging every day, VMTraining is an industry leader in delivering high quality, high impact virtualization training solutions.

VMware vSphere 4.0 Ultimate Bootcamp

The VMware® vSphere 4.0 Ultimate Bootcamp® is taught by top virtualization experts and offers hands-on labs designed to expose the student to advanced virtualization concepts and the VMware® vSphere 4.0 product suite. This comprehensive class prepares the student to become a certified professional virtualization expert with the Certified Virtualization Expert 4.0® (CVE 4.0®) certification to attest to their knowledge of the material and technology.

Ultimate Bootcamps are designed to give the student in-depth skills training through hands-on experience with state-of-the art equipment. Read more about the benefits of our vSphere class

The focus of the VMware vSphere 4.0 Ultimate Bootcamp training course is to instill the knowledge required for the student to do their job efficiently and effectively. To accomplish this, we provide a comprehensive Beginner to Advanced training experience, starting from the installation of the licensed product to real world troubleshooting scenarios. The course focus is not limited only to learning and harnessing the power of VMware® but the entire concept of virtualization and other 3rd party tools and technologies that will enhance VMware® capabilities and increase the student’s virtualization expertise.

For more information on the Ultimate Bootcamp, view the Information Sheet.