Microsoft Labs Online

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Tired of travelling to take training? Not enough training budget for all team members?
Take live training right from your desktop, at half price!

Introducing Microsoft Labs Online!

Microsoft Labs Online brings world-class Microsoft experts right to your location via your own desktop or laptop. There is no need to travel long distances, incur high training costs or upgrade your hardware. With Microsoft Labs Online, you will receive an unparalleled learning experience with a live instructor and digital material at your finger tips, before and after the class to reinforce your learning. It's the ultimate classroom at half the price!

As many students prefer classroom learning environments, organizations do not have the resources to send all their employees so elearning has emerged a strong training tool. However, elearning lacks the interactive, live atmosphere of students look for in a classroom. MS Labs Online blends the benefits of classroom training with the convenience and affordability of elearning.

MS Labs Online is live learning with virtual classroom instruction. It was designed to bring the benefits of traditional instructor-led training to the desktop and help organizations overcome geographic and technological barriers. Over the years, many learning centers have implemented learning styles such as MS Labs Online. It has been proven that the same level of learning can be achieved with expert-led training over the internet as live, in-person classroom training.

Benefits of MS Labs Online
  • Take training without leaving your office – avoid high travel and incidental costs
  • Get more people trained with your current training budget
  • Courses are 50% off the cost of traditional classroom courses
  • Learners benefit from better retention with live teaching, engaging content and access to course content after the class finishes
  • Interactive demonstrations and real-world lab simulations
  • Just-In-Time online tools and resources that are searchable and printable through Digital MOC
  • Diverse teaching formats to match different learning styles
  • Get trained in in-demand Microsoft technologies

To better understand the course material and lab layout, please take a look a video of Microsoft Labs Online.
For more information on digital MOC, view our dMOC FAQ sheet.

How it Works
  1. 1. Select the course you want.
    Choose from many of Microsoft’s top information technology courses. Course date coming up soon? No problem, we can register you for a course up to 48 hours prior to the course date.
  2. 2 Register for the course.
    When you are registered for the course, you will be emailed instructions so you can login to access course material and the class. To login, you will need a Microsoft Live ID (hotmail, msn or Passport address). If you don’t, the emailed instructions will prompt you through the steps.
  3. 3. Access all course material and resources online.
    Besides, scheduled course time with your MCT, you have open access to all course material before, during and after the course dates through dMOC in PDF format. If you are the type who needs to prepare for a class beforehand or work through it after the class is over, no problem! All course information and labs are available for up to 4 weeks before and after the course to reinforce your learning.
  4. 4. Log in the day of class.
    Yes, that is it! No need to set up any programs or hardware at your site beforehand. All you need is a strong internet connection and a workstation set up. When you login, you will have access to all applicable course programs and labs housed on your unique virtual machines through MS Learning Central.
  5. 5. Train with a Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT)
    A Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT) will instruct a live Microsoft Official Curriculum Course (MOC) that will be transmitted to the students through a simple internet connection. During the scheduled course, the students will be watching and hearing the MCT through a LiveMeeting set up as they work through labs, course material and real-world examples. Just as in a traditional classroom, the students are open to interact and ask questions throughout the course. This interaction will be through a live chat between the MCT and the students.
  6. 6. Reinforce your learning on your schedule.
    Go online to access course information up to 4 weeks after class is over to reinforce your learning, prepare for an exam or work through an example. Even if you missed a class day, the online labs and material are modular so you can jump around the modules without completing the previous one.

For a list of courses available through Microsoft Labs Online, please click here.

To register for a course or for more information on this new learning tool, please contact our Registration Desk at 403-716-1102 or