Office 2007 Transition

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A Smooth Office 2007 Transition
Plan, Execute, Accomplish

Free Office 2007 Transition Seminar!
Discover the best case practices and pitfalls when implementing Office 2007.

Changing systems can be a very complex and tedious process, especially the transition from Microsoft Office 2003 to 2007. However, using the right combination of New Era’s training tools unique to your training reality can make the transition easier!

Put Our Experience to Work For You

We have been helping small and large organizations implement Office 2007 and we have discovered the pitfalls and best case practices. We have a dedicated team of Office 2007 instructors and consultants who can work with you from beginning to end, or any step in between, to make your implementation run smoothly. Whether you are looking to insource or outsource your Office 2007 Transition, we can help!

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Price: $145/student
Duration: 1.5 hours

Office 2007 Transition Course

In order to make the transition from Office 2003 to 2007 smoother, you will explore the components of the new results oriented interface across several of the most popular applications in the Office 2007 suite. Compatibility of documents between versions, customizing the interface, and a variety of new improvements over classic functionality will be discussed.
Price: $1200*
Duration: 1.5 hours *Courseware not included
Lunch ‘n’ Learn

Teach your employees all they need to learn while they have lunch! With this option, you can either have our knowledgeable instructor come teach the course at your facilities or through a webinar so your employees can learn right from their desk.

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*Courseware not included
Price: $900
Duration: One Day

Roamers are experienced instructors who “roam” in your office to help employees on an individual and as-needed basis. They are there as a source of support to address concerns and issues your staff have once they are utilizing Office 2007. This is a great training tool that will allow your company extensive flexibility as it assists employees individually and helps people of different Office 2007 skill and knowledge levels.

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Price: $2465 and up
Computer-Based Training

This training involves a series of video tutorials that offer step by step instructions for many features of Office 2007 and demonstrate the differences between Office 2003 & 2007. Smooth Move to Office 2007 73 Flash Files
Need Office 2007 end user training? This special series of video training clips will ensure a “smooth move” to the latest version of Microsoft Office. Click, watch and learn the differences and new features found in Office 2007 Access, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, Word and Internet Explorer.
View Video Content and Sample Videos Office 2007: Beyond the Basics 128 Flash Files
Add this series of video tutorials to your SharePoint portal, learning center, or LMS to provide end users the training needed for a smooth transition to the lastest version of Microsoft Office. Our expert trainers provide easy-to-follow demonstrations of the features, differences and powerful new tools to take them beyond the basics!
View Video Content and Sample Videos

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Price: $10 each card
Quick Reference Cards

These are great tools to assist your employees as they learn their way through Office 2007. These cards can be shared among employees or at an individual’s desk as a how-to cheat sheet for Office 2007 key fuctions and features.
View Samples of:
For more information, please email us at
Price: $179 & $229*
Duration: 1.5 hours *Costs per user
E-Learning Libraries

E-learning libraries offer a vast amount of quality courses at a great discounted price.

Our learning solutions partner has two types of Microsoft Office libraries that can help your employees gain solid knowledge and experience with Office 2007 at their own pace, anytime, anywhere.
Microsoft Office Pack - 245 Courses, 5,021 Topics covered The Microsoft Office Pack library includes Access, Excel, PowerPoint, Word and more...

The Microsoft Office Pack library includes Microsoft desktop application training (Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, Outlook, and FrontPage). Business professionals and support personnel will benefit from the Microsoft desktop applications training that is featured in this collection. The library is optimal for large organizations with diverse job functions that might have multiple applications, mail tools, and OS versions being utilized simultaneously.

Office Productivity - 1,284 Courses and vLabs, 19,000 Topics covered This library includes Microsoft Office, Microsoft Windows, Lotus Smart Suite, Front Page and more.. The Office Productivity library offers interactive, self-paced tutorials and online asynchronous instructor-led courses aimed at anyone using desktop operating systems and general office applications. This includes training for word processing, spreadsheets, desktop databases, presentation and publishing applications, mail and communication tools, and more. The curriculum serves as an invaluable resource for ongoing personal computer use and supports the core competencies required to use PCs. Ideal for application rollouts, individual career development, cross-training, and “Just-in-Time” problem solving – this library affords the highest degrees of utility and flexibility for any PC user.