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Adobe Photoshop Level 2 - Course Information
Name: Adobe Photoshop Level 2
Category: Adobe Creative Suite
Length (Days): 1
Course Price (CAD): 295
Adobe Photoshop Level 2 builds on the skills learned in Level 1. The focus of this class is advanced selection and layer techniques.
To ensure the successful completion of Adobe Photoshop Level 2, the student should have
successfully completed Adobe Photoshop Level 1, or possess equivalent knowledge and
New Features in CS4 or CS5
Customizing your workspace
Measuring and counting objects in your image
Creating rich black and white images
Using Smart Filters to stack filters
New Curve features
New Clone tool features
Align Layers for composition

Advanced Selection Techniques
Making selections using the QuickMask mode
Storing selections using Alpha channels
Creating paths from selections
Extracting images from the background
Using Guides, Snapping and Aligning

Advanced Layer Techniques
Mastering the Layer Mask
Clipping layers and grouping

Non‐destructive editing with Smart Objects
Selecting and storing colors, creating custom styles
Adjustment Layers for non‐destructive color correction

Print Projects
Integrating Photoshop with InDesign and Illustrator

Web Projects
Integrating Photoshop with Dreamweaver and Flash
Slicing images for the web
Animating graphics in Photoshop

Automating Tasks
Creating multiple layouts using the Layer Comp panel
Leaving notes in your image using the Annotation tool
Creating snapshots and using actions
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