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Microsoft PowerPoint 2003 Level 1 - Course Information
Name: Microsoft PowerPoint 2003 Level 1
Category: Microsoft Office Suite
Length (Days): 1
Course Price (CAD): 245
This course is designed for students who are interested in learning the fundamentals needed to create and modify basic Microsoft® PowerPoint® 2003 presentations.
Previous knowledge of this application is not required.

Participants should have basic Windows operating skills (Computers 101 class or equivalent). This includes understanding the basic operation of a mouse and keyboard, being able to navigate the Windows hierarchy, as well as being able to open and close files in an application.
An Orientation to PowerPoint

• The PowerPoint Environment
• Orientation to Views
• Navigate Through a Presentation
• Edit Slide Text
• Save the Presentation
• Run a Slide Show

Beginning a Presentation

• Create a New Presentation
• Change Background Color
• Add Slides to a Presentation
• Enter Text
• Create a Presentation from a Microsoft Word Outline

Formatting Text Slides

• Apply Character Formats
• Align Text
• Change Line Spacing
• Change Indents

Adding Tables to a Presentation

• Create a Table
• Format Tables
• Insert a Table from Microsoft Word

Charting Data

• Create a Column Chart
• Edit Chart Data
• Change Chart Type
• Insert a Chart from Microsoft Excel

Modifying Objects

• Resize Objects
• Copy and Duplicate Objects
• Move Objects
• Changing Object Orientation
• Format Objects
• Group and Ungroup Objects
• Change the Order of Objects

Adding Images to a Presentation

• Add Clip Art
• Add a Picture from a File
• Draw Lines and Shapes
• Insert WordArt

Preparing to Deliver a Presentation

• Spell Check
• Arrange Slides
• Add Transitions
• Create Speaker Notes
• Send a Presentation to Microsoft Word
• Print the Presentation
• Package a Presentation for CD
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