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Make Your Proposals Pop with Adobe InDesign - Course Information
Name: Make Your Proposals Pop with Adobe InDesign
Category: Adobe Creative Suite
Length (Days): 2
Course Price (CAD): 695
The objective is to help individuals use Adobe InDesign to effectively create proposal templates. After this workshop, the students should be able to convert current proposal templates from a word processor program and format to Adobe InDesign, including wrapping text effectively, creating reusable content, and knowing how to efficiently collaborate on the same proposal template.

*Please Note: This is not a bidding course and should not be used to learn technical content and/or strategies.

Target Audience
In your role, you develop and implement proposal ideas, including coordination and management. You coordinate and develop content and material for a variety of audiences and purposes. You are responsible for key steps including proofreading and formatting final documents, editing reports and developing marketing materials.

Possible Role Names
Copyrighter/Technical Writer
Proposal Writer/Coordinator
Communications Coordinator
Marketing/Sales Support

Benefits of using InDesign to build proposals VS word processing programs:
• Easier to create multiple columns and TOC
• Ability to add graphics and position them with ease
• Ability using text wrap on graphics and charts
• Flexibility in using pantone colours
• Allows you to create reusable content and templates
• Allows the proposal to be build in sections for easy team collaboration
• Attain more control in PDFing and document editing permissions
Previous knowledge of Adobe InDesign is not required. Participants should have basic Windows operating skills (Computers 101 class or equivalent). This includes understanding the basic operation of a mouse and keyboard, being able to navigate the Windows hierarchy, as well as being able to open and close files in an application.
• Workspace
• The Document window
• Navigating your document
• Rulers and measurements
• The Tools
• The Tool panel
• Keyboard shortcuts
• Contextual menus
Creating a Document
• New documents
• Margin and column guides
• Layout adjustment
• Ruler guides
• Libraries
Managing Pages
• Inserting, deleting, and moving pages
• Sections, page numbers, and chapter numbers
• Creating and applying master pages
• Overriding master page items
• Text frames
• Importing text
• Threading text frames
• The Story Editor
• Spelling, Auto Correct
• Finding and changing text
• Importing excel documents
• Formatting Tables
• Creating tabbed text
• Importing graphics
Frame fitting options
• The Links panel
• Embedding links
• Formatting Objects
• Selecting objects
• Basic strokes and fills
• Object Effects and the Eyedropper tool

Managing Objects
• Stacking objects
• Nesting objects
• Editing frame and path shapes
• Grouping and locking objects
• Aligning and distributing
• Text wrap
Character Formatting
• Basic character styling
• Finding and changing text formatting
• The Find Font command
• Paragraph formatting
• Drop caps, Hyphenation, Justification, Tabs
• The Align to Baseline Grid button
• The Keep Options command
• Paragraph rules
• Automatic bullets and Numbering paragraphs
• Character styles
• Paragraph styles
• Object styles
• Load styles
• Creating color swatches
• Save as a reusable template
• Exporting a PDF and SWF for presentations
• Printing
• Preflight
• Packaging for output
• The Print dialog box
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