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Microsoft SharePoint 2013 Power User - Course Information
Name: Microsoft SharePoint 2013 Power User
Category: SharePoint
Length (Days): 2
Course Price (CAD): 895
This course concentrates on SharePoint 2013 from the Site Owner’s perspective. This course is aimed at a non-technical user who will administer a Windows SharePoint Services Site.

After completing the course students will understand:
• How to create and manage lists, libraries and views
• How to manage users and groups
• How to create and delete sites, workspaces and web pages
• How to customize a site
• How to administer a site
Previous knowledge of this application is not required.
Introducing SharePoint:
• What is SharePoint?
• Understanding SharePoint roles
• Understanding SharePoint products
• Connecting to SharePoint

SharePoint Team Sites:
• Team sites: The basics
• Navigating in a team site

SharePoint Libraries and Lists:
• Using a library
• Using a list
• Adding a library or list app to your site
• Customizing a library
• Adding a custom list app
• Creating a view
• Creating dynamic views
• Changing settings for files and libraries
• Changing settings for items and lists
• Creating a Site Content Type
• Working with calendars

Editing, Saving, and Sharing Documents:
• Opening and saving Office documents
• Using Check In/Check Out
• Uploading and creating documents in a library
• Sharing documents, libraries, and sites
• Syncing a document library to your computer

SharePoint Sites and SharePoint Site Collections:
• Planning team sites
• Creating a new team site
• Getting started with your site
• Setting site navigation
• Saving a team site as a template

SharePoint Permissions:
• SharePoint permissions: The basics
• Creating a new security group
• Adding a user to a security group
• Deleting a user from a group
• Setting permissions for a library or site

Editing SharePoint Pages:
• Understanding app parts and web parts
• Adding an app part
• Modifying a web part
• Deleting a web part
• Adding web parts
• Customizing calendar views
• Creating a wiki page

SharePoint Foundation Workflows:
• Workflows: The basics
• Using the Three-state or Approval workflow
• Creating workflows with SharePoint Designer 2013
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