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CompTIA A+ and Network+ BootCamp - Course Information
Name: CompTIA A+ and Network+ BootCamp
Category: CompTIA
Length (Days): 9
Course Price (CAD): 3600
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A+ certification validates foundation-level knowledge and skills necessary for a career in IT support. It is the starting point for a career in areas such as installation, preventative maintenance, networking, security and troubleshooting.

The CompTIA Network+ certification is the sign of a qualified networking professional and also a starting point in networking, security and troubleshooting.

CompTIA A+, Network+, and Security+ certifications are vendor-neutral internationally recognized certifications used as a prerequisite in IT entry-level employment.

The certification signifies a decent knowledge of computer hardware and software, as well as troubleshooting and repair. Candidates will learn how to set up a small local area network with user accounts and security settings.

CompTIA certifications mean a better chance in job security, career opportunities and increased credibility in the workplace. It also demonstrates the attendee is disciplined enough to study and learn other techniques.

Candidates will learn:
•Hardware storage devices, motherboards, CPU processors, memory and printers,
•Windows commands, directory structures, disk management, remote administration,
•Networking and troubleshooting with TCP/IP, network standards, wireless and routers,
•Security issues like removing viruses, malware, setting permissions, encryption and authentication.

Source: CompTIA®
Participants should have basic working knowledge of a computer and Windows.
Lesson 1: Personal Computers
1.Tear apart a Computer
2.Learn the names of various components

Lesson 2: Best Practices
1.Electrical Safety
2.Environmental Safety and Materials Handling
3.Professionalism and Communication

Lesson 3: System Components
1.Learn about System/Mother Boards
2.Learn about RAM/Memory
3.Learn about CPUs
4.Learn about Storage Devices

Lesson 4: Troubleshooting System Components
1.Troubleshoot Memory
2.Troubleshoot CPUs
3.Troubleshoot System Boards

Lesson 5: Supporting Notebooks (Laptops)
1.Learn the Parts of Notebooks
2.Configuring Notebooks
3.Maintenance and Troubleshooting tips

Lesson 6: Supporting Printers and Scanners
1.Printer and Scanner Components
2.Learn how a Laser Printer works
3.Troubleshoot Printers and Scanners

Lesson 7: Installing Operating Systems
1.Installing Microsoft Windows 7
2.Upgrade Path for Windows

Lesson 8: Operating System Fundamentals
1.Windows File System Management
2.Windows System Management Tools
3.Adding Users and Permissions

Lesson 9: Troubleshooting Microsoft Windows
1.Operating System Utilities
2.USE, Run command and other commands
3.Troubleshoot Microsoft Windows

Lesson 10: Network Technologies
1.Network Cabling types
2.Network Terms LAN/WAN//WPAN
3.Network Protocols

Lesson 11: Troubleshooting Networks
1.TCP Commands
2.Wireless SSID and settings
3.Internet settings

Lesson 14: Personal Computer Security Concepts
1.Good practices for Security
2.Wireless Security
3.Awareness of Social Engineering

Network +:
Lesson 1: Network basics
1.Network architectures
2.Network concepts
3.The OSI model

Lesson 2: Network connections
1.Wired and Fiber network connections
2.Different Network Interface Cards
3.LAN wiring

Lesson 3: Communication standards
1.The TCP/IP protocol suite
2.DHCP and DNS servers
3.Wire lengths and distances

Lesson 4: Wireless networking
1.Wireless network devices
2.Wireless networking standards
3.Wireless configuration

Lesson 5: Security threats and mitigation
1.Security threats
2.Threat mitigation

Lesson 6: Network access control
2.Remote access
3.Wireless security

Lesson 7: Monitoring
1.Monitoring resources - MMC
2.Using the Event Viewer

Lesson 8: Troubleshooting
1.Troubleshooting basics
2.Troubleshooting commands

Appendix: CompTIA Network+ Acronyms
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