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Microsoft Excel 2010 Level 3 - Course Information
Name: Microsoft Excel 2010 Level 3
Category: Microsoft Office Suite
Length (Days): 1
Course Price (CAD): 245
In this course, you will extend your knowledge into some of the more specialized and advanced capabilities of Excel by automating some common tasks, applying advanced analysis techniques to more complex data sets, collaborating on worksheets with others, and sharing Excel data with other applications.
Excel 2010 Level 1 and 2.

Participants should have basic Windows operating skills (Computers 101 class or equivalent). This includes understanding the basic operation of a mouse and keyboard, being able to navigate the Windows hierarchy, as well as being able to open and close files in an application
Lesson 1: Streamlining Workflow
• Update Workbook Properties
• Create a Macro
• Edit a Macro
• Apply Conditional Formatting
• Add Data Validation Criteria

Lesson 2: Collaborating with Other Users
• Protect Files
• Share a Workbook
• Set Revision Tracking
• Review Tracked Revisions
• Merge Workbooks
• Restrict Document Access

Lesson 3: Auditing Worksheets
• Trace Cells
• Troubleshoot Invalid Data and Formula Errors
• Watch and Evaluate Formulas
• Create a Data List Outline

Lesson 4: Analyzing Data
• Create a Trendline
• Create Sparklines
• Create Scenarios
• Perform a What-If Analysis
• Perform a Statistical Analysis with the Analysis ToolPak

Lesson 5: Working with Multiple Workbooks
• Create a Workspace
• Consolidate Data
• Link Cells in Different Workbooks
• Edit Links

Lesson 6: Importing and Exporting Data
• Export Excel Data
• Import a Delimited Text File

Lesson 7: Integrating Excel Data with the Web
• Publish a Worksheet to the Web
• Import Data from the Web
• Create a Web Query
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