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Adobe CS4 for Marketing - Course Information
Name: Adobe CS4 for Marketing
Category: Adobe Creative Suite
Length (Days): 3
Course Price (CAD): 895
Target Audience
In your role, you are responsible for developing and delivering marketing and communications initiatives and support internal communication functions. This role supports all marketing programs including campaign and brand management, customer communications, advertising and promotions. You may be responsible for developing print and digital communication tools such as logos, newsletters, ads, proposals and presentations.

Learning Goal
The objective of this 3-day workshop is to learn the foundation of the three top applications from the Adobe CS Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign). After this workshop, individuals will be able to use these 3 Adobe applications to design a corporate brochure, create a newsletter and manipulate high resolution images.

Possible Role Names
Communications Coordinator
Marketing Specialist
Business Writer

*This package is also great for small business owners/operators who want to learn the basics of Adobe to use as a marketing/communications tool.

Next Role Names
Marketing Manager
Communications Manager
Art Director
Publication Manager

• Understand the workflow between Adobe applications
• Get the results you want from page-layout and image-editing applications
• Gain understand of print layout and terminology
Previous knowledge of these applications is not required. Participants should have basic Windows operating skills (Computers 101 class or equivalent). This includes understanding the basic operation of a mouse and keyboard, being able to navigate the Windows hierarchy, as well as being able to open and close files in an application.
Day 1: Adobe Illustrator CS4 – work with logos and maps
• Introduction to Illustrator
• Trace bitmap logo, convert to vector
• Build new logo
• Create a location map
• Create a business card

Day 2: Adobe Photoshop CS4 – work with photographs
• Introduction to PhotoShop
• Crop and size photographs
• Change color mode
• Color adjustments
• Select and eliminate backgrounds
• Save file formats for print

Day 3: Adobe InDesign CS4 – bring illustrations, photographs and text together
• Introduction to InDesign
• Setup a tripanel brochure with paragraphs styles and masterpages
• Add photos, illustrations, logos and text
• Prefight and export to pdf
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