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Time Management - “Acting From My Priorities” - Course Information
Name: Time Management - “Acting From My Priorities”
Category: Business Soft Skills
Length (Days): 0.5
Course Price (CAD): 20
New Era Technology is proud to announce the partnership with the business skills training company Custom Learning Solutions Inc. Custom Learning Solutions Inc. has been in corporate training and development for over 10 years and has helped companies in Canada reach High Performance with their diverse set of training and consulting tools.

Presented by senior facilitator and consultant Bryan Schaefer.

Understand the difference between “urgent” and “important” and develop habits of self-management that allow you to be proactive and not reactive in the use of time.
There are no prerequisites for this course.
• How you currently use your time
• The barriers that keep you from managing your time more effectively
• The difference between the important and the urgent and how to schedule time for the important
• To set professional goals to guide your use of time
• A systematic approach to managing daily events
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