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50429: SharePoint 2010 Business Intelligence - Virtual Led Training - Course Information
Name: 50429: SharePoint 2010 Business Intelligence - Virtual Led Training
Category: SharePoint
Length (Days): 5
Course Price (CAD): 2750
This course explores how to use SharePoint as your platform for Business Intelligence. Journey through the
SharePoint Business Intelligence Center, Excel Services, Reporting Services, Analysis Service, Performance Point and PowerPivot.
Before attending this course, students must have:
•Understanding of SharePoint 2010 User Interface, database reporting concepts and familiarity with Data Marts and Data Warehouses.
•Lesson 1 - Overview
◦Understand your course, classroom, classmates, facility and instructor.

•Lesson 2 - Business Intelligence
◦Business Intelligence
◦Lab : Business Intelligence Worksheet

•Lesson 3 - Business Intelligence Center
◦Business Intelligence Center
◦Lab : Business Intelligence Center

•Lesson 4 - Data Mart and Data Warehouses
◦Understanding Data and Data Formats
◦Building Data Marts and Data Warehouses
◦Lab : Data and Data Formats
◦Lab : Build A Data Warehouse
◦Lab : Extract and Load
◦Lab : Transform and Load
◦Lab : Granularity
◦Lab : Build A Data Mart
◦Lab : SQL Server to SharePoint Lists

•Lesson 5 - Business Connectivity Services
◦Business Connectivity Services
◦Lab : BCS Basics
◦Lab : BCS With Data Warehouse
◦Lab : Office and BCS for BI

•Lesson 6 - Analysis Services
◦Analysis Services
◦Lab : Analysis Services
◦Lab : Building An Analysis Services Database

•Lesson 7 - Filter Web Parts
◦Filter Web Parts
◦Lab : Filter Web Parts
◦Lab : UserProfiles and Filters

•Lesson 8 - Excel Services
◦Excel Services
◦Lab : Create An Excel Report
◦Lab : Excel Services
◦Lab : MDX
◦Lab : Sparklines
◦Lab : Filters and Excel Services
◦Lab : REST and Web Services

•Lesson 9 - PowerPivot
◦PowerPivot For SharePoint
◦PowerPivot For Excel
◦Lab : Install Power Pivot
◦Lab : Use PowerPivot

•Lesson 10 - Reporting Services
◦Reporting Services
◦Lab : Install Reporting Services
◦Lab : Building Reports with Reporting Services
◦Lab : Create Advanced Reporting Services reportFilter Web Parts and Reports
◦Lab : Reporting Services and PowerPivot

•Lesson 11 - Performance Point
◦Performance Point
◦Lab : Performance Point

•Lesson 12 - Visio and Access Services
◦Visio Services
◦Access Services
◦Lab : Visio Services
◦Lab : Access Services

•Lesson 13 - GeoSpatial Data with Charts and Maps
◦Charts and Maps
◦GeoSpatial Data
◦Lab : GeoSpatial Data with SQL Server
◦Lab : Bing Maps
◦Lab : .NET Charts
◦Lab : Google Maps
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