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Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Power User - Course Information
Name: Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Power User
Category: SharePoint
Length (Days): 2
Course Price (CAD): 895
This course concentrates on SharePoint 2010 from the Site Owner’s perspective. This course is aimed at a non-technical user who will administer a Windows SharePoint Services Site.

After completing the course students will understand:
• How to create and manage lists, libraries and views
• How to manage users and groups
• How to create and delete sites, workspaces and web pages
• How to customize a site
• How to administer a site
Previous knowledge of this application is not required.

Participants should have good Windows operating skills .This includes understanding being able to navigate the Windows hierarchy, as well as being able to open and close files in an application.
Lesson 1: Introducing SharePoint Server 2010
Topic 1A: Describe SharePoint Server 2010
Topic 1B: Describe SharePoint Server 2010 Interface Elements

Lesson 2: Administering a SharePoint Site
Topic 2A: Create a Subsite
Topic 2B: Manage User and Group Access to Sites

Lesson 3: Organizing Information in SharePoint Server 2010
Topic 3A: Add List Items
Topic 3B: Modify Lists
Topic 3C: Change List Views

Lesson 4: Managing Lists
Topic 4A: Perform Calculations on List Data
Topic 4B: Create Custom Lists
Topic 4C: Customize List Settings

Lesson 5: Storing Documents in a SharePoint Site
Topic 5A: Add Documents to a Library
Topic 5B: Edit Documents in a Library
Topic 5C: Share Documents Across Libraries
Topic 5D: Collect Information Using Forms

Lesson 6: Managing Libraries
Topic 6A: Perform Advanced Operations on a Library
Topic 6B: Create a Library Template

Lesson 7: Managing Content Structures
Topic 7A: Create a Content Type
Topic 7B: Apply Content Types

Lesson 8: Managing Form Libraries
Topic 8A: Create a Form Library
Topic 8B: Customize a Form Template Using InfoPath

Lesson 9: Managing Workflows
Topic 9A: Add a Default Workflow
Topic 9B: Create a Custom Workflow

Lesson 10: Editing pages
Topic 10A: Start editing a page
Topic 10B: Format content on a wiki page
Topic 10C: Insert tables, media, links and web parts
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