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6425 Configuring Windows Server 2008 Active Directory Domain Services - Virtual Led Training - Course Information
Name: 6425 Configuring Windows Server 2008 Active Directory Domain Services - Virtual Led Training
Category: Microsoft Official Curriculum Courses
Length (Days): 5
Course Price (CAD): 2750
This course provides in-depth training on implementing, configuring, managing and troubleshooting Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS) in Windows Server 2008 and Windows Server 2008 R2 environments.
•Lesson 1 - Introducing Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS)
◦Overview of Active Directory, Identity, and Access
◦Active Directory Components and Concepts
◦Install Active Directory Domain Services
◦Lab : Install an AD DS DC to Create a Single Domain Forest
•Lesson 2 - Administering Active Directory Securely and Efficiently
◦Work with Active Directory Administration Tools
◦Custom Consoles and Least Privilege
◦Find Objects in Active Directory
◦Use Windows PowerShell to Administer Active Directory
◦Lab : Administer Active Directory Using Administrative Tools
◦Lab : Find Objects in Active Directory
◦Lab : Use Windows PowerShell to Administer Active Directory
•Lesson 3 - Managing Users and Service Accounts
◦Create and Administer User Accounts
◦Configure User Object Attributes
◦Automate User Account Creation
◦Create and Configure Managed Service Accounts
◦Lab : Create and Administer User Accounts
◦Lab : Configure User Object Attributes
◦Lab : Automate User Account Creation
◦Lab : Create and Administer Managed Service Accounts
•Lesson 4 - Managing Groups
◦Overview of Groups
◦Administer Groups
◦Best Practices for Group Management
◦Lab : Administer Groups
◦Lab : Best Practices for Group Management
•Lesson 5 - Managing Computer Accounts
◦Create Computers and Join the Domain
◦Administer Computer Objects and Accounts
◦Perform an Offline Domain Join
◦Lab : Create Computers and Join the Domain
◦Lab : Administer Computer Objects and Accounts
◦Lab : Perform an Office Domain Join
•Lesson 6 - Implementing a Group Policy Infrastructure
◦Understand Group Policy
◦Implement GPOs
◦Manage Group Policy Scope
◦Group Policy Processing
◦Troubleshoot Policy Application
◦Lab : Implement Group Policy
◦Lab : Manage Group Policy Scope
◦Lab : Troubleshoot Policy Application
•Lesson 7 - Managing User Desktop with Group Policy
◦Implement Administrative Templates
◦Configure Group Policy Preferences
◦Manage Software with GPSI
◦Lab : Manage Administrative Templates and Central Store
◦Lab : Manage Group Policy Preferences
◦Lab : Manage Software with GPSI
•Lesson 8 - Managing Enterprise Security and Configuration with Group Policy Settings
◦Manage Group Membership by Using Group Policy Settings
◦Manage Security Settings
◦Software Restriction Policy and Applocker
◦Lab : Using Group Policy to Manage Group Membership
◦Lab : Manage Security Settings
◦Lab : Audit File System Access
◦Lab : Configure Application Control Policies
•Lesson 9 - Securing Administration
◦Delegate Administrative Permissions
◦Audit Active Directory Administration
◦Lab : Delegate Administration
◦Lab : Audit Active Directory Changes
•Lesson 10 - Improving the Security of Authentication in an AD DS Domain
◦Configure Password and Lockout Policies
◦Audit Authentication
◦Configure Read-Only Domain Controllers
◦Lab : Configure Password and Account Lockout Policies
◦Lab : Audit Authentication
◦Lab : Configure Read-Only Domain Controllers
•Lesson 11 - Configuring Domain Name System
◦Install and Configure DNS in an AD DS Domain
◦Integration of AD DS, DNS, and Windows
◦Advanced DNS Configuration and Administration
◦Lab : Installing the DNS Service
◦Lab : Advanced Configuration of DNSv
•Lesson 12 - Administering AD DS Domain Controllers
◦Domain Controller Installation Options
◦Install a Server Core Domain Controller
◦Manage Operations Masters
◦Configure Global Catalog
◦Configure DFS-R Replication of SYSVOL
◦Lab : Install Domain Controllers
◦Lab : Install a Server Core Domain Controller
◦Lab : Transfer Operations Masters Roles
◦Lab : Configure the Global Catalog and Universal Group Membership Caching
◦Lab : Configure DFS-R Replication of SYSVOL
•Lesson 13 - Managing Sites and Active Directory Replication
◦Configure Sites and Subnets
◦Configure Replication
◦Lab : Configure Sites and Subnets
◦Lab : Configure Replication
•Lesson 14 - Directory Service Continuity
◦Monitor Active Directory
◦Manage the Active Directory Database
◦Active Directory Recycle Bin
◦Back Up and Restore AD DS and Domain Controllers
◦Lab : Monitor Active Directory Events and Performance
◦Lab : Manage the Active Directory Database
◦Lab : Using Active Directory Recycle Bin
◦Lab : Back Up and Restore Active Directory

•Lesson 15 - Managing Multiple Domains and Forests
◦Configure Domain and Forest Functional Levels
◦Manage Multiple Domains and Trust Relationships
◦Move Objects between Domains and Forests
◦Lab : Administer Trust Relationships
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