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Microsoft Office Specialist Excel 2013-Expert Exam Prep - Course Information
Name: Microsoft Office Specialist Excel 2013-Expert Exam Prep
Category: MOS 2013
Length (Days): 2
Course Price (CAD): 1095
Course Includes:
•Two day Instructor-Led Training
•Re-sit course within 6 months (Course must be on schedule)
•Trial Exam
•Exam Voucher
•Exam Retake (If necessary)
•One-on-One with Instructor
Advanced Microsoft Excel Skills.
Excel 2013 Expert Part One

Manage and share workbooks

Manage workbook changes

•Track changes, manage comments, identify errors, troubleshoot with tracing, display all changes, retain all changes

Apply custom formats and layouts

Apply advanced conditional formatting and filtering

•Write custom conditional formats, use functions to format cells, create advanced filters, manage conditional formatting rules

Prepare a workbook for internationalization and accessibility

•Modify tab order among workbook elements and objects, display data in multiple international formats, modify worksheets for use with accessibility tools, utilize international symbols, manage multiple options for +Body and +Heading fonts

Create advanced formulas

Look up data with functions

•Utilize the LOOKUP function, utilize the VLOOKUP function, utilize the HLOOKUP function, utilize the TRANSPOSE function

Apply advanced date and time functions

•Utilize the NOW and TODAY functions, use functions to serialize dates and times

Create advanced charts and tables

Create advanced chart elements

•Add trendlines to charts, create dual axis charts, create custom chart templates, view chart animations

Create and manage PivotTables

•Create new PivotTables, modify field selections and options, create a slicer, group records, utilize calculated fields, format data, utilize PowerPivot, manage relationships

Excel 2013 Expert Part Two

Manage and share workbooks

Manage multiple workbooks

•Modify existing templates, merge multiple workbooks, manage versions of a workbook, copy styles from template to template, copy macros from workbook to workbook, link to external data

Apply custom formats and layouts

Apply custom data formats

•Create custom formats (Number, Time, Date), create custom accounting formats, use advanced Fill Series option

Apply custom styles and templates

•Create custom color formats, create and modify cell styles, create and modify custom templates, create form fields

Create advanced formulas

Apply functions in formulas

•Utilize the IF function in conjunction with other functions, utilize AND/OR functions, utilize nested functions, utilize SUMIFS, AVERAGEIFS, and COUNTIFS functions

Create scenarios

•Utilize the watch window, consolidate data, enable iterative calculations, utilize What If analysis tools (including Goal Seek), utilize the Scenario Manager, use financial functions

Create advanced charts and tables

Create and manage PivotCharts

•Create new PivotCharts, manipulate options in existing PivotCharts, apply styles to PivotCharts
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