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6435 Designing a Windows Server® 2008 Network Infrastructure - Virtual Led Training - Course Information
Name: 6435 Designing a Windows Server® 2008 Network Infrastructure - Virtual Led Training
Category: Microsoft Official Curriculum Courses
Length (Days): 5
Course Price (CAD): 2750
This course will prepare IT professionals for the role of Enterprise Administrator. Students will learn how to design application infrastructure solutions based on Windows Server 2008 to meet varying business and technical requirements.
•6421 Configuring and Troubleshooting a Windows Server 2008 Network Infrastructure
•6425 Configuring Windows Server 2008 Active Directory Domain Services
•6426 Configuring and Troubleshooting Identity and Access Solutions with Windows Server® 2008 Active Directory®
•Lesson 1 - Designing IP Addressing and Configuration
◦Designing an IPv4 Addressing Scheme
◦Designing an IPv6 Addressing Scheme
◦Designing an IPv6 Transition Strategy
◦Designing an IPv4 DHCP Implementation
◦Planning DHCP Scope Configuration
◦Lab : Designing and Implementing IP Addressing in Windows Server 2008
•Lesson 2 - Designing Name Resolution
◦Collecting Information for a Name Resolution Design
◦Designing a DNS Server Strategy
◦Designing a DNS Namespace
◦Designing DNS Zone Implementation
◦Designing Zone Replication and Delegation
◦Lab : Designing and Implementing a Name Resolution Strategy in Windows Server 2008
•Lesson 3 - Designing Advanced Name Resolution
◦Optimizing DNS Queries
◦Designing DNS for High Availability and Security
◦Designing a NetBIOS Name Resolution Strategy
◦Lab : Designing and Implementing Advanced Name Resolution in Windows Server 2008
•Lesson 4 - Designing Network Access
◦Securing and Controlling Network Access
◦Designing Remote Access Services
◦Designing RADIUS Authentication with Network Policy Services
◦Designing Wireless Access
◦Designing Internet Connectivity and Perimeter Networks
◦Lab : Designing and Implementing a Network Access Solution
◦Lab : Designing a Network Access Solution
•Lesson 5 - Designing Network Security
◦Overview of Network Security Design
◦Identifying and Analyzing Threats to Network Security
◦Designing a Windows Firewall Implementation
◦Designing a Network Access Protection Infrastructure
◦Lab : Designing a Network Security Plan
◦Lab : Designing and Implementing a Windows Firewall Solution
◦Lab : Designing and Implementing NAP
•Lesson 6 - Designing Application Deployment
◦Overview of Application Deployment
◦Designing Deployment of Local Applications
◦Designing Deployment of Virtual Applications
◦Designing Deployment of Virtual Desktops
◦Lab : Designing Application Deployment
•Lesson 7 - Designing Remote Desktop Services
◦Designing Remote Desktop Services Connectivity
◦Designing RemoteApp
◦Designing Remote Connectivity for RDS
◦Monitoring and Managing RDS
◦Lab : Designing Remote Desktop Services
•Lesson 8 - Designing Internet Information Services for Web-Based Applications
◦Designing Web-based Application Infrastructure
◦Optimizing IIS Performance and Stability
◦Designing IIS Security
◦Monitoring and Maintaining IIS
◦Lab : Designing IIS for Web-Based Applications
•Lesson 9 - Designing File and Print Services
◦Designing File Services
◦Designing File Server Resource Management
◦Designing File Encryption
◦Designing Print Services
◦Lab : Designing File and Print Services
•Lesson 10 - Designing File Replication and Caching
◦Branch Office Data Access
◦Designing Distributed File System
◦Designing File Caching
◦Lab : Designing File Replication and Caching
•Lesson 11 - Designing for Business Continuity
◦Disaster Recovery Planning
◦Designing Windows Server 2008 Network Load Balancing
◦Designing Failover Clustering for High Availability
◦Designing Geographically Dispersed Clusters
◦Lab : Designing for Business Continuity
•Lesson 12 - Designing a Server Virtualization Infrastructure
◦Introduction to Virtualization
◦Determining Virtualization Suitability
◦Server Virtualization Design Considerations
◦Migrating and Managing Virtualized Workloads
◦Lab : Designing a Virtualization Infrastructure
•Lesson 13 - Designing an Update Deployment Strategy
◦Designing a WSUS Topology
◦Designing an Update Management Strategy
◦Lab : Designing and Implementing an Update Deployment Strategy
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