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Microsoft Office Specialist Excel 2010-Expert Exam Prep - Course Information
Name: Microsoft Office Specialist Excel 2010-Expert Exam Prep
Category: MOS 2010
Length (Days): 2
Course Price (CAD): 1095
Course Includes:
•Two day Instructor-Led Training
•Re-sit course within 6 months (Course must be on schedule)
•Trial Exam
•Exam Voucher
•Exam Retake (If necessary)
•One-on-One with Instructor
Advanced Microsoft Excel Skills.
Sharing and maintaining workbooks

Apply workbook settings, properties, and data options

•Setting advanced properties; saving a workbook as a template; importing and exporting XML data

Apply protection and sharing properties to workbooks and worksheets

•Protecting the current sheet; protecting the workbook structure; restricting permissions; requiring a password to open a workbook

Maintain shared workbooks

•Merging workbooks; setting Track Changes options

Applying formulas and functions

Audit formulas

•Tracing formula precedents, dependents, and errors; locating invalid data or formulas; correcting errors in formulas

Manipulate formula options

•Setting iterative calculation options; enabling or disabling automatic workbook calculation

Perform data summary tasks

•Using an array formula; using a SUMIFS function

Apply functions in formulas

•Finding and correcting errors in functions; applying arrays to functions; using Statistical, Date and Time, Financial, Text, and Cube functions

Presenting data visually

Apply advanced chart features

•Using Trend lines, Dual axes, chart templates, and Sparklines

Apply data analysis

•Using automated analysis tools; performing What-If analysis

Apply and manipulate PivotTables

•Manipulating PivotTable data; using the slicer to filter and segment your PivotTable data in multiple layers

Apply and manipulate PivotCharts

•Creating, manipulating, and analyzing PivotChart data

Demonstrate how to use the slicer

•Choosing data sets from external data connections

Working with macros and forms

Create and manipulate macros

•Running a macro; running a macro when a workbook is opened; running a macro when a button is clicked; recording an action macro; assigning a macro to a command button; creating a custom macro button on the Quick Access Toolbar; applying modifications to a macro

Insert and manipulate form controls

•Inserting form controls; setting form properties
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