New PM Courses on Schedule!
Plan, Implement, Achieve

New Era is excited to add RMC’s innovative and real-life PM training to its corse offerings. As Calgary’s exclusive RMC PM training center, New Era Technology will be offering 4 new courses to help you enhance your PM skills or reach your PM Certification. RMC Project Management training minimizes the number of hours needed to learn, maximizes knowledge retention and delivers knowledge that is immediately applicable by project managers in the real-world.

Core PM Training Courses
  • RMC PM Crash Course
  • RMC PM Tricks of the Trade

Learn How to Deal With Real-World PM Issues!
  • Finalize what is being asked of you
  • Breaking down projects into manageable pieces
  • Identifying and managing project staleholders
  • Preventing scope creep and missing deadlines
  • Managing the estimatng amd scheduling processes
  • Proving your success and getting credit for it
  • Preventing problems rather than dealing with them after they happen

Certified PMP® Exam Prep Courses
RMC PMP® Exam Prep Course
RMC Accelerated PMP® Exam Prep Course

Certify your PMP® Exam Success!
  • Ensure you pass the exam on your FIRST try
  • Learn the latest on the exam from one of the world’s experts
  • Focus on learning rather than rote memorization
  • Acquire valuable PM tools and techniques for the real world
  • Decrease your study time by hundreds of hours
  • Study topics for the exam that are NOT in the PMBOK® Guide

Fee: $800
Duration: 1 Day 8AM-5PM
Contact Hours/PDUs: 8

RMC Project Management Crash Course

Every year, thousands of people are thrust into projects or project management roles at their companies. In fact, many project managers are assigned to or even placed in charge of high-profile projects, potentially worth millions of dollars to their organizations—with no tools, no direction, and little structured training. If you’ve recently been propelled into a project management role at your company, RMC can help!

This 1-day course in real-world project management is perfect for people who are looking to get projects back on track, find easy-to-use tools that can make an immediate impact, or too busy to learn the fundamentals of project management. This course is NOT designed for people who are intimately familiar with the International Standards for project management or people who are looking for training to become PM certified.
Fee: $1800
Duration: 3 Day 8AM-5PM
Contact Hours/PDUs: 21

RMC Project Management Tricks of the Trade®

This world-class course replaces the four to eight classes that other PM training companies recommend. Students learn real-world PM techniques, plus advanced Tricks of the Trade® for dealing with issues that project managers face every day. In addition, students will share their real-world project experiences with other PMs in a variety of industries. Learn to translate the International Standards for Project Management into real-world project management technologies and real-world applications!

Project Management Tricks of the Trade® is designed for project managers, team members, project offices and senior managers looking to acquire a firm grasp of specific steps in the project management process, or of the entire process from beginning to end. In addition, because this course teaches students how to apply International PM standards in the real world, it can be taken as additional prep for people looking to earn one of a number of Internationally-recognized project management certifications.
Fee: $1450
Duration: 2 Day 8AM-5PM
Contact Hours/PDUs: 16

RMC PMP® Exam Prep Course

This accelerated learning course is designed to help you prepare for the PMP Exam—and gain the most understanding of project management with the least amount of study. Developed by Rita Mulcahy, this course is designed to decrease your after-class study time from hundreds of hours to less than 40.

Unique features of this course include games, exercises, case studies and other tools to help you understand—NOT MEMORIZE—the concepts necessary to pass the PMP exam. This course includes Rita’s entire PMP Exam Prep System (a $399 value) for free as part of the course materials.

If RMC’s constant innovation is not enough, students in this class have averaged higher-than-passing scores on an RMC exam simulation immediately after class—BEFORE the recent upgrades!
Fee: $2800
Duration: 4 Day 8AM-6PM
Contact Hours/PDUs: 40

RMC Accelerated PMP® Exam Prep Course

Pass the PMP Guaranteed!

This intensive 4-day, no study course is designed to completely prepare you for the PMP exam in a fun and effective manner—with no required studying after class! In addition to unique games and activities, there are exercises and techniques designed specifically to increase both learning and knowledge retention, giving students not only the knowledge they need to pass the exam in only four days, but also to become a better project manager—without rote memorization.

Materials utilized in this class include Rita’s complete PMP Exam Prep System, plus other materials not available to the general public. Students are allowed to keep the PMP Exam Prep System ($399 value) for free upon completion of the course.