Database Administrator Training

Database Administrator

Job Description

Database administrators require specialized training to properly optimize and maintain some of the most important data solutions within an organization. Responsibilities include ensuring that database security, availability, and performance satisfy business requirements. To do this, database administrators must be experts in many areas, including archival, data distribution, and the design of high-availability solutions.

  • General
    Database maintenance and management
    Database objects creation and implementation
    Data consumer support
  • Beginner
    Database server design
    Data optimization
  • Intermediate
    Data distribution and archiving design
    Microsoft SQL Server solution design
    Database security design
    Active Directory configuration and maintenance
  • Expert
    Database server deployment and monitoring
    Application and data provisioning planning

Typical required experience
Three to five years

Responsibility scope
60 percent operations, 20 percent engineering, and 20 percent support tasks

Possible role names
  • Data storage manager
  • Database analyst
  • Database designer

Typical next positions

Learning Plans: Classroom training

SQL 2008
Comprehensive Learning Plan:

Primary Focus: SQL 2008
SQL 2005
Comprehensive Learning Plan:

Primary Focus: SQL 2005
Database Administrator