Enterprise Administrator Training

Enterprise Administrator

Job Description

Enterprise administrators are responsible for implementing business solutions into the enterprise platform architecture. Because of their unique role, enterprise administrators often find themselves balancing business requirements with platform capabilities while maintaining a secure and stable environment. A thorough understanding of server solutions, Active Directory, and key applications critical to the business are requirements because the enterprise administrator acts as an implementer but, in some cases, also fulfills an architectural design role.

  • General
    Web services configuration
    Network applications configuration
    Server operating system services configuration
  • Beginner
    Active Directory design
  • Intermediate
    Network applications planning
    Server security planning
  • Expert
    Server operating system deployment
    Server security configuration
    Network configuration
    Server operating system troubleshooting

Typical required experience
Three to eight years

Responsibility scope
20 percent operations, 60 percent engineering, and 20 percent support tasks

Possible role names
  • Informational asset manager
  • Enterprise storage administrator
  • Network administrator
  • Reuse engineer
  • Software process specialist

Typical next positions

Learning Plans: Classroom training

Windows Server 2008
Comprehensive Learning Plan:

Primary Focus: Windows Server 2008
Enterprise Administrator