Server Administrator Training

Server Administrator

Job Description

As a server administrator you are directly responsible for the implementation and management of some of the most important technology in your organization; the servers. The server administrator is an expert in server operating systems as well as Active Directory. They use extensive monitoring and profiling tools to manage their environment then tune their systems to perform at or above an established level of performance and availablity.

  • General
    Network Infrastructure Monitoring
    Web Services Configuration
    Network applications configuration
  • Beginner
    Server operating system planning
  • Intermediate
    Active Directory configuration and maintenance
    Server operating system monitoring
  • Expert
    Server operating system services configuration
    Network configuration

Typical required experience
Two to five years

Responsibility scope
60 percent operations, 20 percent engineering, and 20 percent support tasks

Possible role names
  • Systems administrator
  • Windows Server administrator

Typical next positions

Learning Plans: Classroom training

Windows Server 2008
Comprehensive Learning Plan:

Primary Product Focus: Windows Server 2008
Server Administrator