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Computers 101 - Course Information
Name: Computers 101
Category: Microsoft Office Suite
Length (Days): 1
Course Price (CAD): 245
This one day course provides a broad foundation for students so that they will have a greater awareness and confidence using personal computers. Students will gain practical information and skills, such as what a computer is, how to manage personal files and folders that they create, and how to use many of the programs that come with Windows.
There are no prerequisites for this course.
Lesson 1: Getting Started with Personal Computers
Topic 1A: Identify Personal Computer Basics
Topic 1B: Identify Input Devices
Topic 1C: Identify Output Devices
Topic 1D: Identify Storage Devices
Topic 1E: Set Up the Computer
Topic 1F: Examine Personal Computer Functionality

Lesson 2: Exploring Windows 7 Operating System
Topic 2A: Log On to Windows 7 Operating System
Topic 2B: Explore the Desktop
Topic 2C: Work with Windows
Topic 2D: Use Windows Help and Support
Topic 2E: Turn Off Personal Computers

Lesson 3: Managing Folders and Files
Topic 3A: Navigate to Folders with Windows Explorer
Topic 3B: Work with Folders and Files
Topic 3C: Copy Data on Storage Media

Lesson 4: Using Common Tools and Programs
Topic 4A: Examine Application Software
Topic 4B: Create a Document in WordPad
Topic 4C: Work with the Calculator
Topic 4D: Customize a Graphic with the Paint Tool

Lesson 5: Customizing the Windows 7 Desktop
Topic 5A: Customize the Start Menu
Topic 5B: Customize the Taskbar
Topic 5C: Personalize the Desktop
Topic 5D: Set a Screen Saver
Topic 5E: Add Gadgets

Lesson 6: Browsing the Internet
Topic 6A: An Overview of Networks
Topic 6B: Browse Websites with Internet Explorer 8
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