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Citrix XenApp - Course Information
Name: Citrix XenApp
Category: Infrastructure
Length (Days): 5
Course Price (CAD): 4995
Become the Citrix XenApp XenMaster! Harness the raw power and discover the flexibility of Citrix XenApp. This information-packed, instructor-led seminar delivers the power skills and core knowledge you’ll need to masterfully take control of your Citrix environment. Come learn what you really need to know to be a true Citrix Master, not just what they want you to think! Our unique blend of learning and fun will help you learn more, retain it, and . . . you’ll enjoy a fantastic week of education...We guarantee it!
• Good working knowledge of networking and Windows
Server 2003 or 2008
• Basic Citrix XenApp experience is helpful but not
Module 1

Citrix XenApp Introduction
• The Anatomy of a Citrix Server
• The KVM protocols: RDP vs. ICA
• Licensing: Microsoft and Citrix
• Three Tiers of Management
• Features & Benefits of Citrix XenApp

Module 2
Citrix Farm Architecture & Design
• Farm Architecture & Design
• Creating Farms, Zones & Data Collectors
• Data Store & Local Host Cache
• Network Communications in a Farm
• Server-to-Server Communications
• Client-to-server Communications
• Important Ports to Know
• Desktop Replacement vs. Desktop
• Thin Clients vs. Fat Clients
• Best Practices for Farm Architecture

Module 3
Installing Citrix XenApp
• Building a solid Citrix Server
• Hardware & Software Requirements
• Proper Server Sizing
• Important Installation Decisions
• Critical ODBC Connectivity
• Data Store Design & Connectivity Issues
• Best Practices

Module 4: Basic Administration
• Using XenApp Advanced Config Tool
• Access Management Console
• Initial Administrative Functions
• Configuring Citrix Licensing
• Configuring Farm Administrators / Help
Desk Admins
• Configuring Farms, Zones, Data
Collectors, & Servers
• Monitoring and Managing Users

Module 5
Advanced Administrative Control
• Controlling User Sessions & Environment
• Shadow Controls
• Citrix Connection Configuration
• Understanding & Leveraging the Eleven
Layers of Control
• Implementing & Mastering Citrix Policies

Module 6
The ICA Client
• Client Access Methods
• The Dichotomy of an ICA Client
• The Client Connection Process
• ICA Client Capabilities
• The Different User Interfaces
• Choosing the Right Client
• Customizing & Packaging the ICA Client
• Deploying the Client
• Updating the Client

Module 7
Resource Publishing and Load
• Resource Publishing Strategies
• Publishing Apps, Desktops, Content and
• The Load Management Process and
• Working with Load Rules and Evaluators

Module 8
• Understanding MS & TS Print Processes
• Printing in an ICA Session
• Printer Autocreation
• Mapping Files
• Working with the Universal Print Driver
• CMC Print Administration Management
Module 9

Application Installation, Isolation &
• Application Architecture
• Application Configuration Settings
• Install Mode vs. Execute Mode
• Utilizing Application Compatibility Scripts
• Isolating Applications, Streaming
Module 9 (con.)
• Deploying Applications with Installation
• Streaming Applications with PS 4.5

Module 10
User Profiles & Account Configuration
• Understanding the Six Different Types of
User Profiles
• Profile Design in a Terminal Server
• User Account Settings, Home Drives &
Logon Scripts
• Profile Recommendations & Best Practices

Module 11
GPOs with Server-Based Computing
• Active Directory Overview
• Effective Policy Design and
Implementation for Citrix Servers
• Understanding and Affecting GPO Load
• Best Practices: Locking Down Citrix Servers

Module 12
• Encrypting & Securing Your Citrix
• Working with Firewalls
• Implementing Secure ICA
• Implementing & Configuring SSL & SSL
• Understanding Ticketing
• Securing Citrix with Web Interface and
Secure Gateway
• Recommendations & Best Practices

Module 13
Troubleshooting & Other Solutions
• Must-have Web Resources for
• File & Registry Monitoring Tools
• Desktop Management Solutions
• Monitoring & Stress Testing Tools
• Software Distribution Solutions
• Print Troubleshooting Tools
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