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VM Training - VMware vSphere 4.0 Ultimate Bootcamp - Course Information
Name: VM Training - VMware vSphere 4.0 Ultimate Bootcamp
Category: Infrastructure
Length (Days): 5
Course Price (CAD): 4995
The VMware vSphere 4.0 Ultmate Bootcamp is taught by top virtualizaton experts and offers hands-on labs designed to expose the student to advanced virtualizaton concepts and the VMware vSphere 4.0 product suite. This comprehensive class prepares the student to become a certfied professional virtualizaton expert with the Certfied Virtualizaton Expert 4.0 (CVE 4.0) certficaton to atest to their knowledge of the material and technology.

Ultmate Bootcamps® give the student in-depth skills training through hands-on experience with state-of-the-art equipment. The focus of the CVE 4.0® training is to instll the knowledge required for the student to do their job efficiently and effectvely first. To accomplish this, the Bootcamp provides a comprehensive, A-Z training experience, startng from the installaton of the licensed product to real world troubleshootng scenarios. The course’s focus is not limited only to learning and harnessing the power of VMware®, but the entre concept of virtualizaton, 3rd party tools, and technologies that will enhance VMware® capabilites and increase the student’s virtualizaton expertse.
Who Should Attend?
System Administrators, Engineers, and Operators responsible for setup, support, and troubleshooting of ESX 4 Server and/or VirtualCenter. The Ultimate Bootcamp is intended for IT Professionals with 1 or more years of server and infrastructure experience.

System administration experience on Microsoft Windows and/or Linux.
Chapter 1: Course Intro & Methodology

Chapter 2: Virtualizaton Overview

Chapter 3: Planning & Installing ESX 4
1. Planning ESX 4 Server Deployment
2. Deployment Guidelines
3. ESX 4 Installaton
4. ESX 4 Management
5. Configuring Hostname Resoluton and NTP
6. Troubleshootng ESX 4 Server

Chapter 4: Using Tools to Administer a VMware Environment
1. Overview of 3rd Party Tools
2. Windows Commands vs. Linux Commands
3. ESX 4 Configuraton Commands
4. Summary of Remote CLI Commands

Chapter 5: Configuring Networking
1. Create & Modify Virtual Networks
2. Create & Modify Virtual Networks using CLI

Chapter 6: Configuring Storage
1. Storage Concepts
2. iSCSI Storage (GUI & Cmd Line)
3. Fibre Channel Storage (GUI & Cmd Line)
4. VMFS Datastores (GUI & Cmd Line)
5. NAS Storage and NFS Datastores (GUI & Cmd Line)
6. Raw Device Mapping (RDM)

Chapter 7: VirtualCenter and License Server
1. Licensing
2. vCenter Server 4 Installaton
3. vCenter Server 4 Inventory
4. Managing vCenter Server 4
5. Planning vCenter Server 4 Deployment
6. Troubleshootng vCenter Server 4 Deployment
7. Troubleshootng the vSphere Client

Chapter 8: VM Creaton and Configuraton & Snapshots
1. Create a VM
2. Create Multple VMs, Templates & Clones
3. Virtual Appliances
4. VMware vCenter Converter 4 (P2V, V2V)
5. Manage VMs
6. Virtual Machine Startup / Shutdown
7. Virtual Machine Snapshots
8. Web Access
9. Troubleshootng Virtual Machines

Chapter 9: Security and Permissions
1. Security Overview
2. User Access
3. ESX AD Integraton
4. Managing Firewalls
5. Advanced Security: SSH & SUDO

Chapter 10: Advanced ESX and VirtualCenter Management
1. Configuring Resource Pools
2. Configuring VMoton
3. Storage VMoton
4. Distributed Resource Scheduler (DRS)
5. Resource Pools in DRS Clusters
6. Host Profiles
7. vNetwork Distributed Virtual Switch
8. Cisco Nexus 1000v Virtual Switch

Chapter 11: Patching and Upgrading ESX
1. Patching ESX Server 4
2. Upgrades and Migratons
3. Update Manage
4. Upgrading from ESX 3.x to ESX 4.x

Chapter 12: Disaster Recovery and Backup
1. Site Recovery Manager (SRM)
2. High Availability (HA)
3. VMware Fault Tolerance
4. Microsof Clustering
5. Backup Strategies
6. Using VCB Command Line Utlites
7. VMware Data Recovery
8. Third Party Backups

Chapter 13: Server and VM Monitoring
1. Tools for Optmizaton
2. Monitor VM Performance
2. Configuring Alarms
3. Collectng Log Files

Chapter 14: Installing and Configuring ESXi
1. ESXi 4 Server Install
2. Managing ESXi 4 with VIC
3. Managing ESXI 4 through VirtualCenter
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