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RMC Project Management - Accelerated PMP Exam Prep Course - Course Information
Name: RMC Project Management - Accelerated PMP Exam Prep Course
Category: Business Soft Skills
Length (Days): 4
Course Price (CAD): 3150
Why Take This Course?
Let’s get right to the point. Imagine what the class designed by Rita Mulcahy, PMP, one of the world’s experts on the PMP® exam, might be like. Why should you take our Accelerated project management prep class? Here are 10 reasons:
1. There is no study required after this class. Students are ready to sit for the exam on the very next day.
2. Whereas others spend days walking you through the inputs and outputs of the PMBOK® Guide, we will show you how to understand them in only minutes. Then watch how you immediately get 80 to 100 percent of sample questions right.
3. Rather than making you endure days of memorization, we help you understand and learn.
4. You will take computerized exam simulations in class, SO YOU WILL KNOW you are ready to sit for the exam—and you will have evidence to prove it.
5. You will utilize the best-selling materials available to pass the PMP® exam—including Rita’s book, PMP® Exam Prep. You will also gain access to study materials not otherwise available to the general public.
6. You will learn topics that are on the exam but are NOT in the PMBOK® Guide, as well as, reasons why others fail the exam and how to avoid these critical mistakes.
7. You will learn to be a better project manager in the process of studying for the exam.
8. You will understand how to analyze and answer the most difficult questions on the exam, and quickly tackle situational questions that seemingly have more than one correct answer.
9. You will discover what you know, as well as what you do NOT know, and receive help filling your knowledge gaps.
10. You will learn the “Boil it Down” trick, the “Backwards” trick, the “Inputs and Outputs” trick, the “Translation” trick and many, many others developed from over 14 years of helping people pass the exam.
And if none of these are intriguing to you, how about this one—we’ll give you your very own good luck charm!

This class might not be for you! Prior to enrolling in RMC’s Accelerated PMP Exam Prep class, you:
1. Must have taken a course in basic project management;
2. Should have received your approval to take the exam from PMI; and
3. Should have already chosen your exam date.

If you have not had a basic project management course in the recent past you will not be ready to pass the exam. Please consider taking our 3-day Project Management Tricks of the Trade® class.

In addition to the above, you must be familiar with the following prior to enrolling:
• Project charter
• Work breakdown structures, with experience creating one in the real world and knowledge that they are not created in a bar or Gantt chart
• Network diagram
• Time and cost estimating
• Planning quality into a project
• Communications plans (and why they are important)
• Management plans (what they contain and why they are important)
• The process of planning a project
• What a project manager should be doing when the work is going on
• What should be measured on a project, when and why
• Project closeout (what should be done and why it is important)
Also, you should not take this class if you do any of the following:
• Hold many “go around the room and report” type status meetings
• Ask people to cut 10% off of their time estimate
• Complain about management, sponsors or customers giving you an unrealistic time frame or budget
• Spend much of your time asking people for percent complete
And finally, it would help if you also have at least some exposure to the following before this class:
• Procurement Management
• Earned Value
• Risk Management
What to Do Before This Course
• Read through Class Prerequisites below and make sure that this is the right course for you.
• Submit your application to PMI to take the exam AND get a test date immediately after the class completes. The best way to prepare and submit your application is to do so online at PMI's website.
• Review your basic project management training materials. If you have not had a basic course in project management that you were satisfied with or if you do not know the items in the prerequisites section, consider taking RMC's PM Tricks of the Trade® course first.
• Complete the Mandatory JumpStart Work on the Topic of Procurement. RMC is excited to offer a free website with this class, offering up to two extra hours of material to help those who wish to get a jump start on their learning. This program includes additional mandatory work on the topic of Procurement. Reviewing this material prior to class will be a BIG HELP in making sure you are not left behind during class. After completing the Procurement work, students are encouraged to bring any questions they may have to class.

If you do not receive your link and login to the JumpStart Procurement Work within two weeks of the class start, contact Customer Service directly at (403) 265-1150.

At the end of this course you will be able to:
• Pass the PMP® Exam offered by the Project Management Institute, with full confidence
• Identify gaps in your knowledge that may hurt you on the exam
• Be more comfortable with the types of questions you will see on the exam
• Use tips to pass the exam that have been used successfully by thousands of people
• Utilize your personalized test taking strategy
• Apply project management techniques useful in the real world
• Be a better project manager
Guaranteed to run courses