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PULSE Concepts - People Using Language Skills Effectively - Course Information
Name: PULSE Concepts - People Using Language Skills Effectively
Category: Business Soft Skills
Length (Days): 2
Course Price (CAD): 625
How successful are your conversations?

Effective conversation is the catalyst from which great ideas start and strong actions begin. Ideas are great, but without proper communication and actions, a company of islands emerges, where everyone works alone and the value of the whole is no greater than the sum of the parts. Effective conversations propel ideas into actions, thoughts into successful projects, and accomplishments into reality and meaningful change.

Ask yourself:
• Do the conversations in my life result in positive, measurable results?
• Am I able to deal effectively with volatile situations without upsetting others?
• Do my conversations leave people feeling empowered, with a sense clarity and purpose?

During this course, you will:
• Develop deeper insight into yourself and others while engaged in conflict and under stress
• Understand the intent and the strategy of appreciative questioning for leading positive change through a methodical step by step process
• Explore the aspects of conflict, and gain the skills to be more deliberate while listening and speaking with others
• Learn best practices to facilitate a three-way mediation conversation. You will develop skills to remain detached and empower others to resolve their differences.

The PULSE institute was established in 2002 by Dr. Nancy Love, to help People Use Language Skills Effectively and improve the relationships around them. The PULSE programs identify a specific, simple, effective framework to guide the conversations we use to drive the activity of our lives.
At the end of this course, you will know how to:

Prepare for the conversation at hand. You will gain skills for laying the foundation for an effective conversation, identifying such things as purpose, roles, time limits, and when to transition to the next step.

Uncover the real issues that this conversation sets out to resolve. You will gain understanding of the technique, purpose and benefit of framing an impartial, inclusive agenda for the conversation.

Learn what things are significant to the parties involved. You will learn to establish the particular criteria for reaching a sustainable, positive solution for the future.

Search for possible solutions. You will explore the techniques and the skills for facilitating an effective creative brainstorming session.

Explain exactly what actions need to happen next and create an action plan for the future. You will learn how to gain consensus on which responsibilities for change belong to each participant, and skills for ensuring parties own and are accountable for their agreed-upon tasks.

This course is part one of a two-part program. Once you have gained the completed this course and have the foundation knowledge of effective conversations, we offer a PULSE Practice course. In the three-day course, you will build on the conversation knowledge you learnt in PULSE Concepts through exercises, role plays, videos, and the use of coaches. After completing both PULSE Concepts and PULSE Practice, you will become a PULSE Practitioner.
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