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50261A: Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007: Power End Users - Course Information
Name: 50261A: Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007: Power End Users
Category: Microsoft Official Curriculum Courses
Length (Days): 4
Course Price (CAD): 1895
About this Course

This class combines Mindsharp’s ‘Site Member’ and ‘Site Owner’ courses, to provide comprehensive training that will present students with a ground-up understanding for how to use, operate and build sites in a Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 environment. Students first learn about site navigation, data storage and retrieval through instructor-led modules covering navigation, search and effective use of lists and libraries. Buildings on this information, students then take a deeper dive into site administration, learning how to create and manage sites, lists, libraries, views and workflows. Security and rights administration are also covered. Functional concepts and best practices are interwoven into the material, providing a framework for the topics discussed.
Audience Profile
This course combines focus and understanding for those contributing to, building or managing MOSS 2007 sites. Individuals performing the jobs listed below will benefit from knowledge gained in this course.
• MOSS 2007 users who want to develop a better understanding of how to efficiently find content, use and contribute to collaborative sites
• MOSS 2007 users who are responsible for managing one or more sites or site components, such as lists and libraries
• Help Desk personnel who provide support to end users that use or manage MOSS 2007 sites
At Course Completion
After completing this course, students will be able to:
• Be able to operate and build sites in a Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 environment
• Will learn site navigation and data storage
• Will be able to search and effectively use lists and libraries.
• Management of site administration, creating sites, lists, libraries, security, rights administration, views, and work flows.
Students taking this course should have the prerequisite knowledge or experience listed below:
• Basic knowledge of Microsoft Office 2007 Products
• Be familiar with Internet Explorer
Course Outline

Module 1: Introduction to Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007This module highlights the uses and benefits of MOSS 2007. Navigational components, alerts, and personalization are reviewed and demonstrated. In addition, terminology that will be used throughout course is defined in this module. The following topics are also covered:Lessons
• Overview of SharePoint
• Get Started in SharePoint
• Search for Content
• Use Alerts
• Welcome User Links
• Personalize SharePoint Page

Module 2: Work with Lists
This module explains the concept of lists, and then reviews popular out-of-the-box options. The operative differences of each option are highlighted through Instructor-led demonstrations. Students learn effective ways to use and contribute to lists. Demonstrations of filters and views highlight usability and efficiency. The following topics are also covered: How to add and modify content.
• Overview of Default Lists and List Templates
• Add, Modify and Delete Content in SharePoint Lists
• Sort and Filter Content
• Advanced List Features
• Use Default and Custom Views
• Connect a List to Microsoft Outlook

Module 3: Work with Document LibrariesDocument sharing is a primary function of collaborative sites. In this module, libraries are defined and their use is highlighted through Instructor-led demonstrations. Analysis of metadata breaks down the fundamental purpose and function of this important component. Additionally, a how-to review of workflows provides insight into how to use of this popular efficiency tool. The following topics are also covered:Lessons
• Overview of Document Libraries
• Create and Upload Documents
• View and Edit Documents and Document Properties
• Document Management Features
• Use Workflows in a Document Library

Module 4: Lists and Libraries
Maintenance and creation of lists and libraries are one of the site owner’s primary responsibilities. Well constructed lists and libraries save users time and frustration, which translates to an effective gain for organizations. This module covers elements such as views and metadata that are fundamental to this construction. Versioning and other library settings that can serve to enhance a list or library are also taught in this segment. The following lessons are covered:
• Create Lists and Libraries
• Manage List and Library settings
• Create and manage individual list and library columns and Site Columns
• Create and manage of Views

Module 5: Customize SharePoint Sites Using Web Parts
Web Parts are used to focus site content. In this module students learn how to apply and manage Web Parts in a manner that promotes site usability. This module also includes Instructor-led demonstrations on adding and removing Web Parts and modifying Web Part display settings. This module also provides an overview of Web Parts that allow content targeting. The following lessons are covered:
• Introduction to Web Parts
• Add, close, and delete Web Parts
• Customize Web Part properties
• Web Parts that allow content targeting

Module 6: Create Sites and Web Pages
Fundamentally, site collections are composed of sites, basic pages, and Web Part pages. In this module students will create each of these components to develop an enhanced understanding of each item’s function and appropriate use. The following lessons are covered:
• Create new sites
• Create Basic and Web Part Pages

Module 7: Secure SharePoint Sites
Security is an important element of any site collection. This module includes Instructor-led demonstrations of default groups. Thorough coverage of the use, creation, and application of custom permission levels provide students with comprehensive knowledge about the creation and management of sites. We also focus on security management best practices. The following lessons are covered:
• Introduction to SharePoint Security
• Manage User Access to SharePoint Sites
• Manage SharePoint Groups and Users
• Best practices for assigning permissions in SharePoint

Module 8: Manage the Look and Feel of Sites
In this lesson site owners learn how to customize navigational settings, site descriptors, and themes. Additional focus is provided to the creation and use of templates, which are a significant time saving utility. The following lessons are covered:
• Customize the site title, description, and icon
• Configure navigation settings
• Left Navigation Panel Options
• Apply site themes
• Create site templates

Module 9: Manage Workflows
Workflows are a powerful efficiency tool that can be used to organize and track process driven tasks. In this course, application and customization of these workflows is demonstrated using real world examples. Students are given the opportunity to build workflows and track workflow tasks. The following lessons are covered:
• Overview of workflows
• Workflow administration
• Build custom workflows
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