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Clinic 50030A: Delta .NET 3.0 - 3.5 - Course Information
Name: Clinic 50030A: Delta .NET 3.0 - 3.5
Category: Microsoft Official Curriculum Courses
Length (Days): 2
Course Price (CAD): 945
About This Clinic
Elements of this syllabus are subject to change.
Microsoft .NET 3.0 introduced three new major APIs which augment the 2.0 base class libraries. The first part of this course will examine the role of Microsoft Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF), Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) and Windows Workflow Foundation (WF). The later part of this class will examine the numerous language changes which will be found within C# 3.0 and Microsoft Visual Basic 9.0 with the forthcoming release of .NET 3.5. As well, you will come to understand the use of LINQ (Language Integrated Query) and the surrounding LINQ-centric programming models.

Audience Profile
The target audience for this clinic includes the following:
• Developers with solid experience writing applications using .NET 2.0

At Clinic Completion
After completing this course, students will be able to:
• Build WPF applications using XAML, code files, and Microsoft Visual Studio.
• Build WCF services, hosts and clients.
• Build workflow enabled applications using WF.
• Understand the .NET 3.5 language changes to C# and Visual Basic.
• Create and manipulate LINQ query.
Before attending this course, students must have:
• Experience working within the Visual Studio IDE
• Firm grounding in OOP
• Firm grounding in .NET 2.0 development
• Solid understanding of C# or Visual Basic
Module 1: Introducing WPF
This module describes WPF and the different types of WPF applications, explains what role XAML plays, and introduces the control center model and graphical rendering services.
• Understand the motivation behind WPF.
• Examine the various "flavors" of WPF applications
• Understand the role of XAML
• Examine the control content model
• Introduce the graphical rendering services of WPF

Module 2: Introducing WCF
In this module, the student will learn when and why to use Windows Communication Foundation and how to build services and define data types.
• Understand the motivation behind Windows Communication Foundation (WCF)
• Learn the "A, B, Cs" of WCF Development
• Build WCF services, hosts and clients
• Know the role of Metadata Exchange (MEX)
• Define complex data types
• Use the WCF Service Configuration Editor

Module 3: Introducing WF
This module explains the basics of Windows Workflow Foundation, how to understand activities, and how to host workflows.
• Know the role of Windows Workflow Foundation
• Learn the building blocks of a WF enabled application
• Understand the use of WF "activities"
• Host workflows using the WF runtime engine
• Work with the WF designers of Visual Studio

Module 4: Core .NET 3.5 Language Changes
In this module, the student will learn how to use .NET 3.5 syntax.
• Understand the role of implicitly typed local variables
• Understand the role of extension methods
• Understand object initialization syntax
• Understand the role of anonymous types
• Understand the role of lambda expressions

Module 5: Introducing LINQ
In this module, students use LINQ to work with queries.
• Understand the motivation behind LINQ
• Work with query operators and query expressions
• Know the Role of LINQ to Objects
• Know the Role of LINQ to SQL
• Know the Role of LINQ to XML
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